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(66.001) Heat Shrink Butt Connector 0,5mm²-1,5mm² Red with adhesive Type CSSV (100 Pcs)

(66.001) Heat Shrink Butt Connector...

23,84 EUR
23,84 EUR per 100 Pieces
40mm/13mm Heat Shrinkable Tube with adhesive (1,2m length) S2451

40mm/13mm Heat Shrinkable Tube with...

9,17 EUR
9,17 EUR per 1,2m Length
38,1mm Heat Shrinkable Tube S2401 (running meter)

38,1mm Heat Shrinkable Tube S2401...

3,69 EUR
3,69 EUR per m
S24ST 19mm, Self amalgamating Stretch Tape, Black

S24ST 19mm, Self amalgamating Stretch...

24,98 EUR
24,98 EUR per Piece
5mm Braided Sleeve Reel Type GSSP05 (100m)

5mm Braided Sleeve Reel Type GSSP05...

49,98 EUR
49,98 EUR per Piece
9,5mm (8m) MINIBOX Heat Shrink Tubing PX55 (Mini Reel)

9,5mm (8m) MINIBOX Heat Shrink Tubing...

11,88 EUR
11,88 EUR per Piece
7,8mm x 750mm Cable Ties

7,8mm x 750mm Cable Ties

16,10 EUR
16,10 EUR per 100 Pieces
(67.001) Heat Shrink Butt Connector 1,5mm²-2,5mm² Blue with adhesive Type CSSV (100 pcs)

(67.001) Heat Shrink Butt Connector...

25,37 EUR
25,37 EUR per 100 Pieces
30mm GRIP Heat Shrinkable Tube S24Grip30-15 (running meter)

30mm GRIP Heat Shrinkable Tube...

5,24 EUR
5,24 EUR per m
15mm/4,5mm Shrinkable End Cap with adhesive Type S2477

15mm/4,5mm Shrinkable End Cap with...

1,38 EUR
1,38 EUR per Piece
PX300 (3:1) 9,0mm/3,0mm MINIBOX Heat Shrink Tubing(5m)

PX300 (3:1) 9,0mm/3,0mm MINIBOX Heat...

19,68 EUR
19,68 EUR per Piece


3,0mm/1.0mm Heat Shrinkable Tube with adhesive (180m spool) S2451

3,0mm/1.0mm Heat Shrinkable Tube with...

old price: 224,91 EUR
only 191,17 EUR

191,17 EUR per 180m Reel