S24AK-3/110/48 Shrinkable Cable Breakout Boots 3-Way with Adhesive

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S24AK-3/110/48 Shrinkable Cable Breakout Boots with Adhesive
Boots 3-Way breakouts
Boots main inner diameter before Shrinkage (min): 110,0mm
Boots main inner diameter after Shrinkage (max.): 47,0mm
Finger inner diameter before Shrinkage (min): 48,0mm
Finger inner diameter after Shrinkage (max.): 20,0mm
Full length after Shrinkage (+- 10%): 260mm
Finger length after Shrinkage (+- 10%): 75mm
Color: Black
Adhesive-lined heat shrinkable Cable Breakout Boots seal and protect multi-conductor cable and conduit breakouts. Strain relief and mechanical protection. Resistance to fluids and solvents. Thermoplastic adhesive liner provides complete environmental protection and insulation.

Technical Data Shrinkable Cable Breakout Boots Type S24AK:
Continuous Operating Temperature: - 55°C to +100°C.
Minimum Shrink Temperature: +135°C.
Tensile Strength: 10 MPa min.
Dielectric Strength: 12 KV/mm min.
Color: Black
Non flame retardant
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