SET Heat Shrinkable Crimp Connector "S24-Set-CS"

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Heat Shrinkable Crimp Connector Set "S24-Set-CS"
100% waterproof
125 Pcs

Content (all Crimp Connector with Heat Shrinkable Tube and Adhesive inside)
55 Butt Connector (Clear / Red / Blue / Yellow)
10 Ring Connector (Red)
10 Ring Connector (Blue)
15 Ring Connector (Yellow)
15 Fork Connector ( Red / Blue / Yellow)
10 Tab Connector (Red / Blue)
10 Push Connector (Red / Blue)


The Crimp Connector are isolated with a Heat Shring Tubing with adhesive inside.
Select the appropiate crimp connector. Push the cable inside and crimp as usual. Than Shrink the Tubing. The adhesive will flow outside. Perfect connection.

Technical Data

Operation Temperature: -55 to +125 °C
Shrink Temp.: +100 to+200 °C
Tensile Strength: (ASTM-D 2671) ca. 27 MPa
Dielectric Strength: (ASTM-D2671) 30 kV/mm
RoHS-conform: Yes
100% wasserproof
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